Krolick’s BBQ Fundraiser

PLEASE NOTE: The office is open intermittently until March 1st. We are still accepting orders for catering and fundraising.

Call Krolick’s to set up a barbecue fundraiser for your church, school, team, or organization! Krolick’s will also give you fundraising tips to make your event a success! A count for how many dinners to plan for is needed 6 days prior to function. Krolicks can assist you with this number based on your advertising, location, other possible activities in conjunction with your event, and/or presale totals. Tax Exempt form (ST119.1) is needed if you are Tax Exempt Public schools and government organizations may provide verification of tax exempt status on letterhead. *Please send exempt information with $100 refundable deposit to reserve booking.

krolicks bbq fundraising for wny organizations

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Dinner Packages

All Dinners include:

  • Full half chicken
  • OR 11 oz beer battered haddock (with tartar sauce)
  • OR 3 chicken fingers big like fritters (no condiment)

AND includes these sides:

  • 2 side dishes
  • Roll & butter
  • Take out container, fork & knife
  • Napkin, moist towelette, salt & pepper

For chicken and ribs there is a minimum of a 150
For the fried dinners there is a minimum of 300
Chicken & Ribs come boxed up in aluminum pans and stay warm for 4 hours

Side Dish Options

  • Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Garden Salad (No Dressing Provided)

Sorry, Krolick’s doesn’t provide serving utensils, tables, drinks, or dessert.

“The Freedom Little League has used Krolick’s for its fundraising efforts for the last three years. Not only was it a pleasure to work with the lovely family, the crew of workers were very hard working and seemed to get everything done with little effort. They were always on time. They came ready and did an excellent job. I will always use Krolick’s for all our fundraising efforts. They have been great!”
– Darlene Esposito, Freedom Little League

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