BBQ Catering


BBQ Catering

As we like to say, “Krolick’s makes it better”. There’s no better way to feed your guests than with BBQ. We offer a bunch of options to make sure you get the type of service you want.

Get your BBQ by picking it up, delivered, or cooked right on-site.

We’ll get your food hot and ready, packaged up and ready to go. You stop by and pick it up when its convenient for you.

Backyard BBQ Party

Add barbecue and you’ll be sure your guests have a good time. Perfect for family reunions, summer parties, or any type of celebration. Pickup, delivery, and on-site cooking options available.

Weddings & Graduation Parties

Our on-site catering is perfect for outdoor wedding receptions and graduation parties.

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Dinner Packages

All Dinners include

  • 2 side dishes
  • roll & butter
  • plate, fork & knife
  • Napkin, moist towelette, salt & pepper

Extra Silverware – $0.25
Extra Plates – $0.15

Side Dish Options

  • Cole Slaw, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Garden Salad (No Dressing Provided),
  • Salt Potatoes ($0.20 extra), Baked Beans ($0.20 extra)

Specialty Sides

  • Fruit Salad – $70 (Serves 50 people)
  • Pasta Salad – $4.25/lb (Serves 3/lb – Minimum 10lbs)
  • Additional Side Dishes – $1.00 per side (pending choice)
  • Extra Roll & Butter – $0.30
  • Ask about our Pasta Alfredo, Veggie Baked Bean, or Green Beans

Sorry, Krolick’s doesn’t provide serving utensils, tables, drinks, or dessert.

See Our Catering Menu >

Delivery & On-Site Cooking

We’ll bring the food to you. We can deliver pre-cooked, ready-to-serve food to your location, or we can bring our cooking equipment to you and prepare it on-site.

BBQ Delivery

Please note: Delivery requires a 50 dinner or$500 minimum order not including delivery charges or sales tax.

We’ll bring pre-cooked, ready-to-serve food to your location. It’ll be packed up to keep it nice and hot, and we’ll show you how to best serve it.

Delivery Charges
Delivery orders have a$5 Delivery Charge, plus$1/mile from Krolick’s Location. We deliver from 12132 Rt 16 Yorkshire, NY 14173.

For example: if the total distance is 10 miles, your Delivery Charge will be $5 + $10 = $15

On-Site Cooking

Please note: On-site cooking has a minimum order of 100 dinners.

Dinner Grilled on Site
$2/dinner (plus cost of food). We can go to far away places too, but if we have to drive over 60 miles please add$0.50 per dinner.

Long Distance
We don’t mind taking road trips. If its over 60 miles, please add$0.50/dinner

We serve everything family buffet style.

Clean Up
Sorry folks, but Krolick’s doesn’t offer cleanup service. That’s up to you.

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